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Garcon Model have teamed up with Greeks Come True for a special calendar and we have a sneak peak

Check out the hot Greek Adonis' featured in the new calendar

By Steve Brown

Everyone’s favourite Garcon Model have teamed up with the hot Greeks Come True for an exclusive calendar and it will help you through this Friday.

With Christmas literally around the corner, we thought we would treat you to some shots of the exclusive calendar featuring hot Greek men and everyone’s favourite underwear.

Have a look at the behind the scenes shoot here:

Renowned fashion and art photographer, Vangelis Kyris, had the pleasure once again of capturing 15 real hunks in a Greek mountain farm and an unexpected thunderstorm – leaving them wet and dripping.

You can visit the official Greeks Come True webstore to get your very own copy of the 2019 Calendar here.

Check out some of the Adonis’ below: