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Courtney Act and Peppermint drag race for £10,000 in ‘Jag Race’ grand final – WATCH

In partnership with Jaguar.

By Will Stroude

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: the ‘Jag Race’ grand final!

With £10,000 for their chosen charities at stake courtesy of Jaguar and the Attitude Magazine Foundation, drag superstars Courtney Act and Peppermint are facing off in the ultimate drag race for LGBTQ causes.

After British queens The Vivienne and Miss Tickle were pipped to the post in heat one and heat two, our winners Courtney and Peppermint are set to race Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE over a standing half-mile on behalf of their charities, the Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall Community Foundation.

With the winner bagging a cool £10,000 and the runner-up bagging £6,000 it’s all to play for as the queens prove who’s the, erm, fastest finisher – and you can do your bit to support the charities by donating here.

It’s Austalia vs. the United States as two of the world’s biggest drag stars prepare for the race of their lives – and the ladies didn’t come to play, no sir.

“Honey, I’m Peppermint. I’m hot and sweet, and I’m not getting shown home by some overexposed reality star who got rejected by Eurovision, honey,” declares Peppermint as she gets behind the wheel.

“I am American and even I know Australia is not in Europe. It’s the capital of New Zealand.

“We are getting in the car and I’m running right over that b*tch.”

“I’m all in for a Mad Max-style coming together. I’m ready. I’ve taken on Ann Widdecombe and beat her, and I’m ready to take on Peppermint. 

“I have to beat Peppermint. I have to do it for the Commonwealth.”

Who’ll be crowned the winner of the first ever series of ‘Jag Race’ and take home the £10,000 for charity in the process. Watch the ‘Jag Race’ grand final to find out.

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