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Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka is fronting a brand new drag gameshow

Find out if you’re smarter than a drag queen in Priyanka’s new series, 'What’s My Game?'

By Thomas Stichbury

Words: Thomas Stichbury

Canada’s Drag Race star Priyanka has her sights set on a winners’ series of ‘All Stars’ – but not before getting quizzical with her new show What’s My Game?

Category is general knowledge as the reigning queen of the north, who famously entered the workroom exclaiming, “What’s my name?”, picks the brains of some very familiar faces. (Think Mastermind with way better hair and makeup.)

In an exclusive chat with Attitude, Priyanka admits that she was shaking in her stilettos at the prospect of putting certain guests through their paces.

Credit: Drag Race Canada

“Alaska Thunderf**k – I was so nervous to perform in front of her because she is a drag icon. Also, when Bob the Drag Queen showed up, I was so nervous,” she says.

“These are the queens that paved the way and now they are guests on my show. What the heck?!”

The former children’s television presenter quickly settled into her hostess with the most-ess role, though.

“I learnt that the things I never could say on kids’ TV, I could say,” she continues. “I also learnt how to sell myself and trust my gut.”

Armed with tricky on-the-spot questions (“How many minutes are there in a 24-hour day?” Numbers? Ew!), Priyanka knows exactly who she’d have on her quiz team if the tables were turned: “I would have Lemon, Boa and Rita Baga and we’d be called Maple Quizzurp!”

As for who she thinks is the cleverest queen of them all, the 29-year-old favourite, aka Mark Suknanan, settles for a recent Drag Race scene-stealer.

“Kandy Muse,” she argues. “She knows what she is doing.”

Looking ahead to the future, Priyanka puts it out there that she would be up for a winners’ spin-off of ‘All Stars’ – and that she’d like to take on the mother of all competition.

“Yes! I want to compete against RuPaul,” she teases.

Catch Priyanka in What’s My Game? airing on Wednesdays at 8pm on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus.

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