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Bromans star Brandon Myers boasts about his manhood: ‘I call it my other leg’

By Joshua Haigh

Bromans star Brandon Myers has opened up about his biggest talent.

The reality hunk is currently starring in the smash hit ITV2 show, which sees eight 21st century lads transported back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators.

In an interview with The Sun, Myers teased that all the other guys on the show have been “mesmerised” by his manhood.

“When I was showering I think everyone was jaw-droppingly jealous. The girls were jealous. All the boys were mesmerised. Wowed by it. It was the talk of Ancient Rome,” he said.

“My briefs didn’t really fit.”

“I call it my other leg a lot,” said the star, who claimed to have a nine-and-a-half-inch package. “It is my other leg. I’d like to give it quite a cool name.”

He’s so proud of his todger that he insisted that he wants a “penis competition” with fellow well endowed reality star, Chris Hughes.

“There should be a poll on Twitter. If there was a poll, I would win,” he joked.

Someone get on it, pronto.

Bromans continues this week on ITV2

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