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Blake singer Stephen Bowman strips off for Attitude

By Attitude Magazine

One-third of classically trained manband Blake, the very handsome Stephen Bowman, strips off in Attitude’s latest issue. Here’s a snippet of our chat with the baritone-voiced hunk:

Are you happy with your body?

It took me until my thirties to finally feel comfortable with my body – prior to that I hated it. I suppose I now care less about what others think and just enjoy all I’m blessed with. I’m not really sure what a good body is, as having big muscles or being skinnier here and there doesn’t really matter to me. I feel sexy when I’m with someone sexy.

Which male celeb body do you like best?

Whilst living in Fulham I shared a gym with David Gandy who seemed to spend half his life creating perfection. I prefer natural slim bodies like those of Matt Smith or Michael Fassbender.

You’re part of an classically trained manband – are you naughtier than you look on the surface?

I tend to think most people have a switch side, I’m certainly not preppy and geeky all the time! We’re all kinky in different ways I guess, it’s a relative scale.


You can read the full interview with Stephen, as well as in-depth features with the likes of Adam Lambert, Michael Urie, Markus Feehily and David Beckham in the May issue of Attitude.

It’s available to download to your mobile, iPad or tablet device now, at The issue is out now and you can also have it delivered directly to your door at