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Black Lives Matter protest in London sees empowering displays of queer solidarity (PICS)

We stand as one.

By Will Stroude

Thousands gathered in central London over the weekend in support of Black Lives Matter, as global anti-racism demonstrations continue two weeks after the killing of George Floyd a the hands of police in the US.

For those still in any doubt, Black lives are also LGBTQ lives, and only in tackling racism and the structural issues that uphold it can we truly be free.

Photographer Francisco Gomez de Villaboa was on the ground in the capital this weekened to capture the protests as they unfolded, and there were plenty of uplifting and empowering messages of solidarity on display. Check out the action below.

Oh, and if you’re a non-Black person wondering how you can help practice anti-racism now and into the future, we’ve got more information on reading, support and causes you can donate to here.