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Ben Affleck vs Henry Cavill: The Batman v Superman stars’ hottest ever moments

By Rhys Matthews

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

is set to be released at the end of this week. In the movie Bruce Wayne is convince that Superman is now a threat to humanity, and embarks on a personal vendetta to end his reign on Earth.

And while that’s all very interesting, the real battle is going on here. Welcome to the real Batman v Superman!

Henry Cavill has been getting ready for this battle of the titans for quite some time…

A photo posted by Ben Affleck (@affleckworld) on

A photo posted by Ben Affleck (@affleckworld) on

Okay, this is a little creepy.

A photo posted by Ben Affleck (@affleckworld) on

And lets not forget the glimpse we got straight after this in 2014’s Gone Girl


Okay, truce. Let’s agree they’re both as hot as each other.

Batman v Superman 

is in cinemas Friday 25th March.

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