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Attitude’s HOT 100: Revisiting last year’s top 10

By Will Stroude

You may have thought that the general election was the most important voting opportunity of the year, but no, this is it; the 3rd annual Attitude Hot 100 poll with of the hottest men in the world! (Joke).

There’s just one week to go until the polls for this year’s vote close and as always, things are neck-and-neck at the top of the pack. To fire your imaginations – and loins – here’s a little reminder of how the top ten of last year’s HOT 100 looked come results day…

Want to see your fave higher? Disagree with the top 10 entirely? There’s only one way to let your views be heard and change the result, and that’s by voting in this year’s poll – for absolutely whoever you like – now!

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10) Russell Tovey


A non-mover on the chart from 2013, despite the fact he was busier than ever. Not only did he make us laugh our undies off on Him and Her, he steamed up our screens on Looking and tickled us with his portrayal of a gay footballer in The Pass. And when he’s not acting his heart out on TV, he’s busy posting tantalising topless selfies all over Twitter.

9) Zayn Malik



It seems the chiselled beauty of Mr Malik has proven most pleasing on th eye. Still just 21, he boasts a handsome Hollywood face and a lithe body to die for. Zayn should be chuffed, beating all of his former band mates to come highest up the list – although he might be miffed to know that he slipped down four places since 2013.

8) Duncan James


Since he came out, our Dunc has become the fella he was always meant to be. Yep, a ripped man mountain, with pecs and a stomach so hard they’d make even the toughest an quiver at the knees.

7) Chris Mears


Tom Daley had better watch his back, as his diving peer is creeping up fast behind him. 2013’s 71st sexiest man, this young buck’s handsome face, sculpted physique and canny ability to wear barely-there trunks has obviously made a big impression.

6) Harry Judd


Ah, the ever-so-beautiful McFly drummer will be happy to see he raced up the chart from number 11 in 2013. Clever, articulate, ripped and totally at ease with his gay crush status, Harry is the blueprint from which all men should be made. Where can we get one?!

5) Dan Osborne

He’s the star of TV’s biggest guilty pleasure TOWIE, and he landed fifth place in last year’s countdown.


4) David Beckham

He might have recently turned 40, but David Beckham’s been a favourite of ours since he became the first footballer to grace the cover of Attitude, and he continues to be a high-flyer in our HOT 100. Any man who can look as good in pants as he does will forever have a place in our hearts.

David Beckham to star in new H&M underwear campaign - 23 Jan 2014

3) Zac Efron

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Woof! When Rita Ora literally ripped the shirt off Zac’s back, the world swooned as one. Zac is a man who is getting sexier by the day. so it’s no wonder he’s jumped up four spots since 2013. next time Rita, maybe go for the pants: Maybe that’ll see him finally hit the number one spot.

2) Shayne Ward


Jumping a whopping 38 places from 2013, the former X Factor winner is only getting better with age. He only has to flahs a smile and we’re left a dribbling wreck. Oh Mamma Ward, you desevrve medals for producing such a fine specimen of a man.

1) Tom Daley



Suprise suprise! the might Tom Daley does it again, topping our mouthwatering list of the men who float your boat for a second year in a row. From the very moment the poll went live, it was clear that our muscular cover star was the nation’s chosen one, attracting almost three times as many votes as Shayne Ward in second place. Go Tom!

Want to see Tom back on top come July? Or want to see the two-time reigning champ de-throned entirely? You know what to do…

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