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Attitude publisher, Darren Styles OBE, joins campaign showing solidarity with the trans community

The GwiththeT campaign has been signed by 73 prominent gay men including Dustin Lance Black and Russell T Davies

By Steve Brown

Attitude publisher, Darren Styles OBE, has signed an advert showing solidarity with the trans community.

Last year’s Pride of London parade was interrupted after around eight women stormed the march shortly after it began, forcing their way to the front before laying down in front of the parade. 

Five of the women laid down on the road as another three dropped a banner over them reading: “Transactivism erases lesbians”. 

The women, who carried another banner which read “Lesbian = female homosexual”, reportedly blocked the march for 10 minutes. One activist allegedly shouted: “A man who says he’s a lesbian is a rapist”.

But now, Attitude’s publisher and around 73 prominent gay men in the community – including Russell T Davies, Dr Ranj Singh, George Takei and Dustin Lance Black – have joined a new initiative #GwiththeT, which is launches today with an advert in the Metro.

Entrepreneur, Anthony Watson, writes in the letter: “As gay men we have watched in horror at the cruelty inflicted upon the trans community.

“We are outraged. The most vulnerable people in our society are marginalised, scared and endangered.

“Trans communities, and in particular trans children, are under attack on a daily basis.

“What do trans people want? They want the right to live their lives in peace, to be free from violence and discrimination, and to enjoy equal protection under the law.

“What they want, in short, are the same basic protections and rights as we gay men enjoy.”

You can add your name to the campaign at and tweet using the hashtag #GwiththeT.