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A message from Attitude: In uncertain times, stay safe, stay curious, and stay queer

To help you beat the social distancing blues, we're giving you three issues of Attitude for just £5.

By Will Stroude

In these uncertain times, we all need the support of our community to provide a sense of normality. First published in 1994, Attitude has been a voice for the gay/bi community for over 25 years — and we’re still here for you today!

As we face extreme challenges at home and work, Team Attitude may have departed Attitude Towers but is working remotely to continue to deliver you the latest updates from the world of LGBTQ-related news and entertainment, with the odd dose of thirstiness, every day.

Our current issue is available now to download and to order globally, our next issue will be out next Thursday, 26 March, and we are working tirelessly to ensure we will be publishing into the coming months.

Connor Jessup, shot by Taylor Miller exclusively for Attitude’s April Style issue

If your sense of routine has been stripped amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps you’re looking for ways to take your mind off the outside world.

You’ve binged everything on Netflix, tried countless podcasts, and spent more time on those websites than is strictly healthy, so now why not lose yourself in an issue of Attitude?

As part of a limited-time sale, we’re offering three digital issues for just £5. Each issue is packed with exclusive celebrity interviews and photo shoots, features exploring modern LGBTQ life, travel, style, reviews, news and more — all for a great price.

In the past year, we’ve featured exclusive interviews with the likes of Taron Egerton, Matthew Camp, Christine and the Queens, Sam Smith, Todrick Hall, Sense8 star Brian J Smith, Gus Kenworthy and Laith Ashley and we’re working hard to bring you more exciting exclusives with global stars throughout 2020.

Stay safe, stay curious, and stay queer.



To get three issues of Attitude for just £5 click here.