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Ricky Martin on finding happiness after divorce from Jwan Yosef: ‘I acknowledge the lows’

Ricky calls the pain from his marriage breakup "rocket fuel" in a new interview

By Jamie Tabberer

Ricky Martin, and with his ex-husband Jwan Yosef (Images: Wikimedia Commons/Instagram)
Ricky Martin, and with his ex-husband Jwan Yosef (Images: Wikimedia Commons/Steve Granitz/Instagram)

Ricky Martin has reflected on finding joy after his separation from ex-husband Jwan Josef, calling the pain “rocket fuel.”

The ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ singer, currently starring in Apple+ TV show Palm Royale, and his artist ex were married from 2017-2023.

During their relationship, they welcomed two children together: daughter Lucia, five and son Renn, four.

Before meeting Jwan, Ricky became a father to twin sons Matteo and Valentino, now 15.

“I cannot forget that it’s been tough at times” – Ricky Martin

Speaking in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Puerto Rican pop icon responded to a question about finding happiness after divorce, saying: “I can only appreciate the highs if I acknowledge the lows, and I cannot forget that it’s been tough at times.

“That is rocket fuel for me to create in my mind what I want, what I need, in order for me to be satisfied with life.”

The star, also known for hits like ‘She Bangs’ and ‘Private Emotion’, continued: “But then again, oh my God, I always want more, and I don’t take no for an answer. So, yes, I want to be in front of the cameras, and I want to hear ‘Action!’ many times. I want to go back into theater and feel the energy of the crowd … and for them to leave the theater as better people.

“How is that going to happen? I don’t know. Maybe [I’ll do it] three, four years from now, because it usually takes five years to put a theatrical show together, but we’ll see what happens.”

Addressing his divorce last year, The Assassination of Giovanni Versace: American Crime Story star Ricky told Telemundo: “Jwan and I will always be family. We have two children that we are going to raise together, and this is not a recent decision. We have been planning this situation for a long time, it’s pre-pandemic.”

Top left image: Steve Granitz