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Kim Petras surprises fans with release of leaked album Problématique

The leaked album is back, officially this time!

By Emily Maskell

Kim Petras with blonde hair over her shoulder and a white dress and gloves.
Kim Petras (Image: Tori Acosta)

Just three months after releasing Feed the Beast, Kim Petras has dropped another record, Problématique.

On Monday (18 September), Grammy-award-winning German popstar surprisingly gave fans the album in full.

Problématique had previously been shelved, though it was intended to be the 31-year-old’s major-label debut.

In 2021, Petras signed with Republic Records and also announced the album. 

However, Problématique leaked in August 2022 and Petras pulled the ten-track release.

Now Petras is reclaiming what was once her debut and the 10-track album is inspired by French house.

Bouncing between R&B-pop and certified bangers, you can bet this Eurodance drop will be on loop.

“Icons only, b*tch!”

In December 2021, prior to Problématique leaking, she told Paper magazine that “it’s very European-themed.”

Petras continued: “I’m from Europe, I grew up around Italian disco, dance, techno, German techno, there’s a whole scene.” 

The album also includes a collaboration with the iconic Paris Hilton. Their pop track ‘All She Wants’ is instantly catchy with a very quotable ending.

“Icons only, b*tch! Get out if you’re not an icon,” they state as the track concludes, laughing together.

“Congratulations on the new album sis, you’re such a pop icon,” Paris Hilton posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Also, Petras’ ‘All She Wants’ follows the pair teaming up on a new version of Hilton’s 2006 debut ‘Stars Are Blind’.

Fans can hear these long-awaited tracks in her upcoming world tour.

The album was released due to fan demand and in advance of her Feed the Beast tour.

Petras’ 34-date tour run kicks off on 27 September in Austin, Texas and concludes in Milan on 5 March.

Tickets are available on Petras’ website.