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Lil Nas X teases new music in ‘greatest comeback of all time’

"My new song features a very beloved popstar who ive been a fan of for a long time"

By Alastair James

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X (Image: Lil Nas X)

Lil Nas X has teased he’s about to have “the greatest comeback of all time,” and given some hints at what that might entail.

The ‘Panini’ singer, 24, took to X on Wednesday (3 January) to hype up said comeback. It would be his first release since last year’s ‘Late to da Party’ and 2021’s Montero.

“Lol im really bout to have the greatest comeback of all time. hope yall ready for next week,” he posted. This was shortly followed by another post. It said: “New song and visual next week! – Official art dropping soon.” Alongside it was an image showing the same figure in four stages. Underneath read the words “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy ghost, Amen.”

After reposting fans celebrating his teases, Lil Nas X reposted a clip of Dave Chappelle discussing the rapper. In the clip, Chappelle references the iconic song ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’. “Yall gotta let call me by your name go, me and the devil broke up 3 years ago. yall acting like children of divorce,” Lil Nas X posted.

Upon its release ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ was simultaneously loved by the LGBTQ+ community and hated by online trolls. It was unapologetic and defiant in its queerness, much like the artist.

Lil Nas X then posted: “I love this constant cycle the world has with me. when i started making music yall told me i was just another twitter rapper. then i made the biggest song of all time. yall called me a one hit wonder. then i dropped one the most streamed albums of the year with 3 top 5 hits. now yall saying my new shit not finna do nothing. At some point yall gotta realize I am gods favorite.” Finally, he shared “1/12/24.” This would read as 12 January 2024, giving us an idea of when we can expect the new music.

This was then in turn followed up with: “My new song features a very beloved popstar who ive been a fan of for a long time.” Fans have been sharing their dream collaborations which so far have included Nicki Miaj and Pabllo Vittar.