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Julia Fox says ‘I was that lesbian’ in response to TikTok video

"So sorry, boys. Um, won’t happen again"

By Alastair James

Julia Fox
Julia Fox in Fantasmas (Image: Monica Lek/HBO)

She’s so Julia! Literally, though! Julia Fox has said she “was that lesbian” in response to a TikTok video.

The Uncut Gems actress, 34, posted the video on her personal account on Monday (8 July) and has been rushed with love and support from fans and followers.

It all started when user emgwaciedawgie posted a video on Monday. In it, she said: “I love when I see a lesbian with their boyfriend. It’s like, Aw, you hate that man. You literally hate him.” Fox then stitched the video with her own.

“Hey, that was me. I was that lesbian. So sorry, boys. Um, won’t happen again,” she said plainly as she walked somewhere.

@juliafox #stitch with @emgracedawg pt.2 ♬ original sound – Julia fox

Followers of Fox flocked to the comments to show their support for her. “LOVE YOU JULIA WE’RE SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU 🩷🤍🧡” posted one. Another wrote: “ur so julia omg” referencing Charli XCX’s ‘360’. “Omfg julia fox the icon that you are,” typed another fan, while others labelled her an “icon.”

Fox has discussed same-sex attraction in the past. While appearing on Ziwe’s self-titled Showtime series Fox said “I have been thinking about it a lot recently,” when asked about dating women. She went on to say, “I do think, like, maybe, I have a gay bone and I need to explore that a little bit more. Maybe my ex-boyfriends weren’t wrong when they were calling me a lesbian and complaining that I never wanted to have sex with them.” Fox then added: “I can find love in all places.”

Fox previously dated Kanye West. The two met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2021 and began dating the next day. Fox discussed the month-long relationship in her 2023 memoir, Down the Drain. She said it left “a sour taste in my mouth about dating anyone in this sphere.” Fox also explained: “Because I don’t ever want to just be known as someone’s girlfriend. I know I’m so much more than that.”