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I Kissed a Boy stars asked if it’s OK to send a ‘d**k pic as first message’ – and we’re proud of their response

The answer is obvious.

By Jamie Tabberer

I Kissed a Boy contestants
BBC dating show I Kissed a Boy is starting some interesting conversations (Image: BBC)

BBC gay dating show I Kissed a Boy has been generating some interesting conversation of late – including, this week, on the subject of unsolicited nudes.

In episode three, host Dannii Minogue asked the contestants a series of revealing questions, before inviting them to stand on “yass” or “pass” signs.

Of course, it made for inexplicably compelling TV.

As well as existential queries such as “pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping” and “Lady Gaga is a better artist than Beyonce”, the guys were asked to respond to the statement: “It’s fine to send a dick pic as your first message.”

Thankfully, they all had the right response, and immediately headed to “pass”.

“Not in a million years”

“Not in a million years would I be sending me dick as a hello,” answered Mikey in a later VT.

“We’ve all sent some pictures [of our dicks], but it wouldn’t be the first,” added Subomi. “He needs to be, like, ‘How are you doing?’ And then…”

The I Kissed a Boy stars all voted “pass” for two of the questions (Image: BBC)

Elsewhere in the task, the daters were asked to respond to the statement: “I could never date someone with a high body count.”

One again, everyone voted “pass”.

“Why would I judge someone on their past?” opined Jake. “You do you, boo.”

The guys then discussed their own number of sexual partners when Dannii asked: “Mama wants to know: what’s a high body count?”

The question prompted a range of responses, with Kailum answering “30” and Ben saying “extremely high. Over 100.” Meanwhile Ollie said: “400.” To which Ben later commented: “Am I going to judge someone for that? No, of course not.

“But fucking hell, 400?!”

Hands up whose number is higher?!

I Kissed A Boy is available to watch on Sundays and Mondays on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three.