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I Kissed A Boy: Gogglebox Australia cast have hilarious reactions to gay dating series

"My cheeks are hurting from smiling so much"

By Alastair James

The cast of Gogglebox Australia watch I Kissed A Boy (Image: BBC/Instagram@goggleboxau)

It’s been a while since I Kissed A Boy came to an end for UK viewers. But Australians are getting acquainted with the gay dating series and the reactions from the Gogglebox Australia cast are hilarious!

I Kissed A Boy saw a group of queer men dropped in an idyllic Italian Masseria for several weeks. There, they were out for love.

The series certainly had some memorable moments, particularly THAT shower scene. Also for the way it started by pairing guys up and getting them to introduce each other with a kiss.

Gogglebox Australia posted on Instagram on Thursday (28 September) of the cast’s reactions to the show’s first episode.

“The Minogue’s have got the gays in a stranglehold” – Gogglebox Australia‘s Symon

The Gogglebox cast was widely entertained with everything, including the idea of an opening kiss.

“At least you don’t have to buy them a drink,” remarked Keith to his wife, Lee. “Yes!” exclaimed Tim who got so excited his leg began to cramp.

Other great reactions include the observation: “Gays don’t muck around, they’re just straight in.”

“I’m really excited for him,” says one of the Dalton girls as they watch Bobski and Josh go in for their first kiss. There’s then universal disappointment at how brief said kiss is!

“Go back and get some more!” Keith barks at the TV.

When it’s revealed that Dannii Minogue is the show’s host Symon comments: “The Minogue’s have got the gays in a stranglehold.” We’re not sure we’d quite agree with that characterisation of the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and the Minogues, but generally we’re big fans, yes.

The cast also has plenty to say about the revealing outfits at the show’s Pride party as well as new additions or “intruders” to the cast by the Gogglebox cast.

The video is a good reminder of the excitement of the series and how quickly things got going on the show which never held back.

“My cheeks are hurting from smiling so much,” says Kevin at the end.

I Kissed A Boy is streaming on BBC iPlayer now.