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Zendaya shuts down fan who said she looked ‘like a gay man in make-up’

By Rhys Matthews

Former Disney star Zendaya took it to the haters last night after responding to a fan who compared her appearance in Snapchat photo to a “gay dude wearing make-up” in characteristically sassy style.

The 19-year-old singer and actress, who hit out at Giuliana Rancic last year after the Fashion Police presenter made a controversial racial joke about her dreadlocks, had similarly little time for the fan in question.

The former Shake It Up star tweeted back, saying: “Wait… is this supposed to be an insult cause they slay sooooooo…..”.

The tweet has since received over 46,000 likes and over 24,000 retweets.

Making it clear that anyone with similar tweets should think twice before hitting ‘send’, she tweeted again 10 minutes later with one word: “Handled”.

Naturally, it’s gone down rather well… Props to you Zendaya.

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