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What’s life really like for a gay frat boy?

By Will Stroude

We’ve all heard the term frat and frat boy, but what is life like for gay students who find themselves in what’s often perceived to be one of the most hyper-masculine environments going?

As we all recover emotionally from the dark and disturbing trailer for Nick Jonas and James Franco’s new frat boy hazing film Goat, several gay men have shared their experiences in a new video for Buzzfeed which reveals what fraternity life is really like.

“I was hesitant about rushing [to join a fraternity] because there’s a stereotype of fraternities being hypermasculine, hyperstraight organisations,” one reveals, while another explains that he ended up keeping his sexuality a secret until after he had graduated.

However, for the most part, the guys seem to share positive experiences of gay frat life, and say their societies were for the most part welcoming, and unbothered about their sexual orientation. One man says: “What I found most surprising was that most of them were more curious as to what it meant to be gay.”

In fact, some of the guys reveal that contrary to the stereotype, joining a fraternity helped them meet more LGBT+ people, and that having a close group of straight guy friends helped them feel more accepted and confident.

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