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WATCH: Troye Sivan helps fan propose to boyfriend during concert

The 23-year-old singer helped a Jewish fan propose to his boyfriend onstage.

By Fabio Crispim

Troye Sivan helped a Jewish fan propose to his boyfriend onstage during his New York City concert.

On Tuesday (October 9) the 23-year-old singer was performing at New York’s historic Radio City Music Hall and invited a seemingly random fan named Judah on stage “Just to say hi”.

When Judah revealed that his boyfriend Daniel was also in the crowd, Sivan asked the crowd: “Shall we get Daniel up here as well?”

After inviting Daniel onstage and seeing him for the first time, the ‘My My My’ singer said: “Oh my god, he’s also wearing a little kippah on his head!” 

After Daniel joined Judah and Sivan, the singer told the audience: “I would love to tell you that this was all just like, a happy accident.”

He turned to Judah and asked: “But don’t you have something to say?”

Judah replied: “It’s one question, really.”

The fan then dropped to one knee and proposed to Daniel. The audience broke into applause as Daniel said “Yes” and the couple embraced as Sivan shouted “Mazel Tov!” and hugged them.

Watch the cute moment below: