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Watch Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet get his scare revenge on Ellen DeGeneres

By Ross Semple

Everyone knows that Ellen DeGeneres loves scaring her guests on The Ellen Show.

The host recently scared American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson, and has a long history of scaring Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet.

However, when DeGeneres attempted to scare Stonestreet on the show this week, things didn’t go as planned.

During his interview, Stonestreet asked if she had any plans to scare him. Ellen promised the actor was safe from scares and continued their chat, discussing his previous work as a security guard in the early 1990s.

However, Stonestreet seemed to realise what was going on during the interview and, while talking about his job as a bouncer, he got up and walked behind Ellen.

Seconds later, a man jumps out of a box beside the sofa to try and scare the actor, but he knew it was coming.

Stonestreet tackles the man to the ground and the pair wrestled until he “tapped out”.

Ellen couldn’t hide her laughter, but later showed concern over the man who jumped out. Stonestreet, however, joked: “I don’t care” before saying: “Who’s laughing now, punk?”

You can watch the hilarious scare below:

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