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Watch: Icelandic kids TV just gave a masterclass in how to talk about gay love

By Will Stroude

Iceland’s oldest kids TV show has shown the rest of the world there’s no excuse for censoring gay people from children’s programming, after giving a masterclass on how to sensibly address the topic.

During a recent episode of Stundin Okkar, Icelandic pop star and former Eurovision contestant Páll Óskar made a special appearance which sees him discuss his sexuality with a friend.


When asked when he knew he was gay, Óskar replies: “When did you know you were attracted to guys and not girls?”

When his friend replies that she has always known, Óskar say it was the same for him.

He adds: “Some guys like other guys, some guys like girls. Some girls like guys, some girls like other girls.

“You don’t decide what makes your heart beat, it just beats.”

Watch the scene below:

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