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Watch | Chris Hemsworth drags up in hilarious SNL skit

By Will Stroude

It’s hard being a Hollywood hunk. With all the rising upstarts ready to knock you off your pec-clad throne, it’s easy to get insecure now and again. But in a hilarious new skit for Saturday Night Live, Chris Hemsworth has developed his own form of self-help in the form of his female alter-ego Claire.

Claire’s going under deep cover for a brunch with the girls, where she makes sure to keep the conversation on the topic of our favourite Avengers star.


“I know what we can talk about. You know how most Hollywood actors use make-up to define their abs? Not Chris Hemsworth. I heard he’s the real deal,” Claire tells her brunch buddies.

And she has a message for anyone who’s into Chris’s younger brother Liam instead.

“Liam is gross. I heard he breast-fed ’til he was four.”

But what about Chris’s dramatic new weight loss for the new Moby Dick film In the Heart of the See?

Claire knows what’s what.

“Coulda fooled me. He still looks huge! He’s bigger than that dang boat he’s on – no wonder Moby Dick wants to eat him…”

Well, that’s a whale with taste at least.

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