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Viral tumblr blog transforms male celebs into gingers

By Josh Haggis

A new Tumblr that reimagines your favourite male celebrities with ginger hair has gone viral online.

From Ricky Martin to Justin Timberlake, Put A Rang On It will change how you look at certain celebrities forever – we’re looking at you, Timberlake.

“The name was too good to not do something with, so I recently decided to focus on famous faces and the response has been overwhelming in just a few days of it launching,” the creator of the blog told MTV News.

Check them out below:

tumblr_nnne5acZLL1uuofw1o1_1280-545x670 - Copy tumblr_nnlmi9jdsN1uuofw1o1_1280-670x543 tumblr_nnt0icXlzU1uuofw1o1_1280 1 2

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