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Uncoupled’s Neil Patrick Harris had to be ‘fairly humble’ about his fake penis

"It had to be nice-ish."

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Netflix

Uncoupled‘s Neil Patrick Harris has shared details of how he chose the right fake penis on the Netflix show, saying he wanted to be “fairly humble” about the size. 

The show is about a 40-something man, Michael (Harris) who is suddenly dumped by his boyfriend of 17 years, Colin (Tuc Watkins), and reintroduced to the New York dating scene and the likes of Grindr, hook-ups, and dick pics. 

In one scene, after managing to take a dick pic, Michael, a real estate agent, accidentally shows it off to a colleague and potential client. 

Speaking to Variety NPH says, “I had to be fairly humble about it. It was a little insecure making because you don’t want to choose a massive dong because that’s like its own meta weird joke.

“You don’t want to choose a tiny dong because that’s its own weird joke [as well].”

He also says, “[We needed] something that’s normal, average size. But in the scene afterwards, the guy says that it’s a beautiful penis. So it had to be nice-ish. I don’t know. It was very weird to be choosing.”

The actor also told Variety that filming the show’s sex scenes was pleasant because he does “legitimately feel more comfortable in my skin now than I did even five years ago.”

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