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Two men have a baby in the UK’s first ever openly gay play

By Will Stroude


After taking London’s LGBT theatre scene by storm with the wildly popular F*cking Men and the acclaimed chemsex exposé 5 Guys Chillin’, the King’s Head Theatre are swinging back to the sixties this August with the first ever revival of the UK’s first ever openly gay play, Spitting Image.

Unseen since 1968, the play marked a radical sea change in British society. Homosexuality had decriminalised the previous year and the passing of the theatres act meant that for the first time since 1737, new plays were free from oppressive government censorship!

The play follows Gary and Tom, two gay guys who’ve got it all; the house, the lifestyle and each other… until Gary falls pregnant with Tom’s baby. Before they know it, they’re juggling breastfeeding and changing nappies with fending off an increasingly hostile government that just won’t leave them alone. Worse still, their sex life has died a death!

Artistic Director of the King’s Head Theatre, Adam Spreadbury-Maher says ‘Colin Spencer’s brilliant play was crying out for a revival and I’m absolutely delighted to present it to a whole new generation of theatregoers this August’

This laugh-a-minute comedy is a sizzling satire of bigotry and biology set against a backdrop of swinging sixties London and headlines the King’s Head’s 2016 Queer season.

“This is theatre at it’s best” – Boyz Magazine ★★★★★

Why you should check it out:

1. It’s funny. Like, really funny.
2. The King’s Head searched high and low to find a copy of the script (it was never published), eventually tracking it down to a dusty theatre archive.
3. Gary and Tom are the most adorable thing.
4. It sticks two fingers up to the the establishment.
5. It’s bringing sixties fashion back!
6. Who doesn’t want to see what a man looks like with a pregnancy bump?
7. There’s a couple of pretty steamy moments.
8. No-one’s seen it in almost fifty years!
9. It’s deals with some pretty important stuff, like same sex adoption and human rights.
10. It’s a joyous celebration of love in its many forms.

Spitting Image is running until the 27th August at the King’s Head Theatre. Tickets can be booked on the King’s Head Theatre’s website.

We recently caught up with the stars of the show to talk snog, the ’60s and same-sex parenting – check out our interview in full here.

For more information follow the King’s Head Theatre on Twitter @KingsHeadThtr and Facebook.

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