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Two award-winning LGBT documentaries to show at 70 years of Israeli Cinema film festival in London

Register online to see the two LGBT documentaries for free this weekend

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Two groundbreaking LGBT documentaries are to be shown at the 70 Years of Israeli Cinema this Friday (October 26) , and you can see them for free.

70 years of Israeli Cinema is a four-day film festival which will take place at Curzon Soho from Thursday 25 – Sunday October 28, 2018. The festival will showcase critically-acclaimed Israeli films as well as exciting emerging talent.

This year, two award-winning LGBT documentaries at set to be shown as part of the LGBTQ+ part of the festival and all you need to do is register online to see the films for free.

The first film, Who’s Gonna Love me Now? (Barak Heymann and Tomer Heymann, 2016), picked up the Panorama Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival.

The Heymann brothers are celebrated documentary-makers. This eye-opening feature centres on a gay, HIV-positive, London-based Israeli expat who returns home for the first time after having come out as gay and having been disowned by his family.

The film contrasts the sense of community he finds in the London Gay Men’s Chorus with the difficulties of finding acceptance in Israel.

Watch the trailer below:

The second documentary, The Invisible Men (Yariv Mozer, 2012) is celebrated in queer film circles, and this daring film won the Documentary Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2012.

Mozer was inspired by the brave stories of gay Palestinian men illegally hiding in Tel-Aviv and documents their life on the run from the Israeli police, Palestinian authorities as well as family members.

The documentary shines a light on the taboo subject of homosexuality in Palestine, and the inadequacies of the Israeli government who fail to protect Palestinian LGBTQ+ refugees.

This gripping documentary is a rare insight into the invisible men of Tel Aviv.

Watch the trailer below:

There are limited seats available, so make sure you register now.

To see Whose Gonna Love me Now? register here and for The Invisible Men fill in the online form here

The films are being screened on Friday October 26:

Invisible Men at 17.45

Whose Gonna Love Me Now? at 20:10