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Two All Stars 6 queens dish on blossoming relationship and we’re shooketh

"Brooke Lynn and Vanjie is not gonna be the only relationship on Drag Race..."

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: WoW

RuPaul’s Drag Race serves drama in spades – but one element curiously absent from the show’s history is on-camera coupledom.

Alaska and Sharon Needles are perhaps RPDR‘s most famous (former) couple, although they didn’t get together on-screen. Later, Brooke Lynn Hytes and Vanjie broke new ground by starting a relationship on season 11 in 2019.

They later broke up, and there have been rumours about other contestants dating – but now, it’s been heavily hinted that All Stars 6 features an actual power couple.  

“You better hope we don’t have an HR department somewhere!”

On this week’s episode, as Trinity K Bonet and Eureka O’Hara got tactile in the werkroom, A’Keria is heard asking: “Ok, I need to know what’s going on…”

“This is our bromance,” teased Eureka, as Trinity added: “Brooke Lynn and Vanjie is not gonna be the only relationship on Drag Race…”

Cutting to a confessional, Eureka then says: “First of all, it ain’t none of y’all’s business what we are. Second, contrary to popular belief, I am a sex magnet!” 

The queens’ special relationship came up again when Trinity later expressed admiration for Kylie, saying: “Hey, you fine. Kylie, what’s up. I’m moving on. Eureka don’t mind. I can’t help it honey, you sexy.”

“You better hope we don’t have an HR department somewhere!” someone (seemingly Kylie) replies.

Weighing is, Eureka says (and this time she’s definitely joking): “I’m a real jealous-ass bitch. You can talk all this talk, but when it comes real down to it, I’ll slash a bitch’s tyres, I’ll bust a windshield…”

Drag Race producers World of Wonder are leaning into the storyline, posting the latter conversation on Twitter with the caption: “Truly the Drag Race love triangle we deserve.”

With only seven queens left and all to play for, we’re sure we’ll get clarification on where Trinity and Eureka stand with each other soon enough…

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