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This ‘Pose’ parody ball for life’s less-than-fabulous moments is too real – WATCH

"You are tired, you are unmedicated for the GAWDS!"

By Will Stroude

Since debuting last year, Ryan Murphy’s Pose has rightly shone a light on the fierce and fabulous world of ’80s and ’90s ballroom culture, bringing to life the fearless queer people of colour who shaped today’s culture while being ostracised by mainstreams society.

But while Pose‘s House of Abundance tear up the runway in an explosion of charisma and colour, have you ever wondered what would happen if the, well, basics among us tried to emulate their displays?

HBO’s new comedy A Black Lady Sketch Show has done just that, parodying Pose‘s drag balls with a note-perfect skit showing just what happen if the realness got too, well, real.

The hilarious scene sees RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 winner serve as a Billy Porter-style emcee, who introduces categories ranging from ‘Family Barbecue’ to ‘Running Erands’ as the loveably average of of the LGBTQ community line up to strut their stuff.

“You are tired, you are unmedicated for the GAWDS!” Bob declares (or should that be reads). “Oh I see you eating carbs, I see you too depressed to leave the house! I’m looking for Eeyore in Dior!”

It only gets more relatable from there on out.

“The category is: awkward in the body. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just awkward in the body,” Bob tells the crowd of the unshamedly mediocre. 

“You’re serving ‘We both said goodbye and now we’re walking in the same direction realness’.”

Finally, a ball where a trophy is within our reach…

A Black Lady Sketch Show airs Fridays on HBO in the US.