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They’re back! Will & Grace return teased in new clip

By Ross Semple

The much-touted return of Will & Grace is just around the corner, and we’ve been treated to a new trailer.

The preview features the four core characters – Will, Grace, Karen and Jack – making their grand entrances before gathering on directors chairs and posing for a picture together. We even get a glimpse of Karen and Jack’s trademark public displays of affection.

“They’re back,” an onscreen title reveals at the end of the promo.

Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, creators of Will & Grace revealed last month that the events of the series finale will be addressed in the upcoming revival series.

The finale of the original series saw the series’ titular characters stop speaking to each other for twenty years after a mammoth falling out. The revival will take place in the present day, right in the middle of their supposed feud.

Max continued: “We’ve just come out of a story camp that lasted about three months. That’s where we break and write all of the episodes that we will be filming in August or whenever we start. I will tell you that almost more than anything, more time went into figuring out how are we going to reintroduce the show and what were the rules going to be and how were we going to address that finale.”

He went on to confirm that Will & Grace will most definitely be living together, and the series will take place in 2017. “They are very much living in that apartment in 2017 in the month of September, on the 28th of September at 9:00,” Max said.

Watch the trailer below:

Will & Grace 

returns to NBC September 28 at 9pm. No word on a UK broadcaster yet.