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Theatre Review: Macbeth at Bridge House Theatre

By Ben Kelly

The Bridge House Theatre is an up and coming fringe venue in Penge, south London, looked after by West End star Rachel Tucker and her husband Guy Retallack, who is resident director. Its current production – a darker than dark take on Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy Macbeth – has proved so successful, the intimate 50 seater room was filled to capacity (and then some) when Attitude went along.

10151429_10153983114725714_1064456216_nStylistically themed towards Game of Thrones, with black and silver being the overriding colour scheme, it’s largely quite bare, with little on the stage but the in-your-face drama of the cast. That does change during a very intense sword fight though, which will leave you wishing there were more layers to the in-the-round seating plan. Craig Daniel Adams is striking as an excitably Scottish Macbeth, who goes through all the stages of blood thirst, uncertainty, and inevitable madness, while Thea Beyleveld’s Lady Macbeth is encouraging and menacing at his side. Both team together in a power couple even Beyonce and Jay Z would fear. A strong supporting cast use the small space, and the power of off stage well.

This production runs until Saturday 19th April, but get your tickets quickly, as they are selling out!

Rating: 4/5