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The Simpsons’ Mr Smithers on rooming with Grizzly Shawn: ‘I should buy him a collar’

Mr. Burns' right-hand man opens up about LGBTQ Springfield residents, from Julio to Patty to "that guy who says 'a-yeeeEEESSSS?'"

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Disney

The Simpsons Waylon Smithers is stepping into a new gay-centric era with a new boyfriend and a gay bunkie.

Mr. Burns’ right-hand man opens up about life in Springfield in an interview for the new issue of Attitude – out now – in which he reveals his new roommate is none other than peripheral Springfield resident Grizzly Shawn.

Elsewhere, Smithers also opens about his favourite apps for meeting guys and the man who turned him gay. 

What other LGBTQ+ friends do you have in Springfield that you can go to for support and friendship?

Well, there’s Julio, Patty, Grizzly Shawn, and that guy who says “a-yeeeEEESSSS?” – so far that guy hasn’t said “no” to anything.

You mention that we shouldn’t assume the gender identity of Mr. Burns’ puppy in the episode. Can you speak more about that?

You’d have to ask the puppy yourself. And as you know, we give away all of Mr. Burns’ Dobermann puppies – to people who seize power by coup, use biological weapons, or are Mariah Carey. I believe that specific one ended up with… Mariah Carey. So maybe ask her?

Are you enjoying your furry new roommate?

How did you know Grizzly Shawn was staying in my guest room?

We meant your new puppy.

Oh, of course. She’s doing great. Her name is Kate Spayed, but ironically, she’s not spayed. Which reminds me… I should buy Grizzly Shawn a collar.

Read the full interview in Attitude’s new-look March/April issue, which is out now.

Meet Smithers’ boyfriend on 6th March at 7pm on Sky Showcase and catch up on previous seasons of The Simpsons now streaming on Disney+.