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‘The Pass’ star Arinzé Kene hung out with footballer who knows gay players

By Fabio Crispim

Since the tragic suicide of Justin Fashanu in 1998, there have been no openly gay players, past or present, in the world English football. But with 5,000 professional footballers in the UK’s top divisions, it would be ridiculous to believe not one was gay or bisexual.

And during his research for newly-released gay football drama The Pass, Arinzé Kene discovered that there are gay footballers known within the sport, but who won’t let that information go any further than the changing room.

Arinzé, who plays Ade in the film, reveals all in the latest issue on Attitude: “I had hung out with [a professional footballer] a few times before. We just went out, and I spoke to him about what he thinks it would be like to be a gay footballer and having to hide your identity and your true self.

“He pretty much told me that he knows some gay footballers”, Arinzé reveals.

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