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Supergirl shuts down viewer who asked the show to ‘tone down homosexual message’

By Samuel McManus

For those who haven’t been watching, DC’s Supergirl has been tackling LGBT issues since one of its characters came out last summer.

According to Gay Star News, Supergirl took to Twitter to address a tweet from a viewer who complained that she had to explain homosexuality to her children due to the show.

The viewer’s remark came after Supergirl’s older sister, Alex, played by Chyler Leigh, embarked on a romantic relationship with girlfriend Maggie, Floriana Lima, and shared an intimate moment on-screen.

The user wrote, “Please tone down the homosexual messages. Used to watch this with my daughters now I have to explain to a 7 and 10 year old thanks.”

The Supergirl Twitter account then responded by writing, “Good, explain to them that love is love and it’s beautiful no matter where you find it and who you can find it with.”

Supergirl’s sister, Alex, came out last summer when she invited police detective Maggie for drinks, not realising that she thought it was a date.

The pair had an awkward date but after an episode of soul searching, Alex came out to Maggie and the pair have been together since.

Supergirl season two airs on Sky1 on Tuesdays at 8pm

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