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Robbie Williams: Adam Lambert is “really, really beautiful”

By Micah Sulit

It seems like Robbie Williams is smitten with a certain singer and Attitude cover star!


During an interview on New Zealand’s morning radio show Polly & Grant, Williams asked Polly Gillespie, “I see that you did an interview with Adam Lambert. Is he lovely?”

The pair then started gushing about Lambert. “On the TV he’s really, really beautiful,” Williams said. “He’s stunning and he’s got the most amazing voice too.”


Williams, 41, who is currently on his Let Me Entertain You Tour, added that Lambert is “a bit Elvis-y”. He said, “He’s really handsome and he strikes me as a nice person. I should sing something with him.”

When Gillespie mentioned that Lambert was coming to host the radio show, William had one request: “Will you tell him I said, ‘Hi’ and I send my love and said we should do something together?”

“Hell yes, I will!” Gillespie promised.

Lambert apparently got wind of this chat, because earlier today he tweeted Williams asking, “Whatcha got!?”

Make this collab happen, Adam and Robbie!

Click here to listen to the audio clip – the Adam Lambert bit starts at the 5:19 mark.