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Review | ‘Under the Covers’ with Courtney Act at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Find out what we thought of the 'CBB' winner's new show

By Steve Brown

Kylie is not the only Australian, singing bombshell, to find herself enamoured with the UK.

After charming the nation and winning Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, Courtney Act decided to make Britain her home.

Her new show Under the Covers has been touring across the UK since June, and is now taking the Underbelly Circus Hub at the Edinburgh Festival by storm.

We creep into the big-top-style venue, called The Beauty, to be greeted by Courtney’s Boudoir, all fluorescent pink and neon blue, as the lady herself lies asleep.

From the moment she bursts out of bed we are met with song and sparkle. Courtney is the delightful bubble-gum queen you expect her to be – cracking jokes, prancing elegantly, looking fabulous in her multiple looks and singing with the voice of a glitter covered, sequined angel.

The show is aptly named, Courtney explains, as not only will she reveal herself and what’s ‘under the covers’ of her soul/ life etc., but she will be singing songs, which we may not know were actually covers themselves.

Her off-the-cuff quips and retorts often land better than the scripted jokes she has written. When she chats and interacts with the audience we see her wit and warm – planned gags however, sometimes fall a little flat and at times feel somewhat under-polished.

The show is fluffy and fun, with a serious edge. She discusses all the things we want to hear – arguments with the infamous Ann Widdecombe, cuddles with Andrew Brady, her drag race experience – but leaves plenty of time to rant about why she’s a vegan and give a deep-feeling, personal account of struggles with her own gender identity.

Courtney is undoubtedly charismatic and sweet, and makes each audience member experience what it would be like to have a KiKi with her, talking about love, loss and lunacy – and we love her for it.

Courtney Act: Under the Covers is at the Edinburgh Festival at Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows – The Beauty at 6pm from August 9-12, 14-18 before moving to Coventry Rialto Reborn on August 25.

Tickets available here.

Rating 4*

Words Paul Bloomfield