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Review: Christina Bianco in Party of One

By Nick Bond

Surely, Christina Bianco was genetically engineered in a laboratory by gay men.
Either that or we crowdfunded her into existence.
Perhaps she’s actually a hologram that’s been designed especially for Pride season – I can’t be sure. All I know is she is the quintessential Broadway diva, a human jukebox who doesn’t waste time impersonating anyone gay men aren’t intimately acquainted with.
The big question though, for any audience member who’s seen her viral videos – in which she impersonates every diva under the sun – can Bianco actually hold a crowd between impressions?
Can she ever. A spectacular vocalist, she’s also a gifted storyteller, recounting her not unusual origin story – basically, growing up, she was a real-life Rachel Berry in Glee – with charm and humour. When she isn’t faithfully impersonating divas in the two hours of entertainment that is Party of One, she traverses pop, jazz and Broadway standards with aplomb.


But the impressions: My god. Watching Bianco perform Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in the style of Judy Garland is undoubtedly the gayest thing you’ll witness all year; I don’t care how many times you rewatch Showgirls between now and Christmas. BRILLIANT. And we haven’t even mentioned the rendition of Bang Bang in the style of Julie Andrews! This show is a MUST-SEE.

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info: Christina Bianco performs her show ‘Party of One’ at London’s Hippodrome until 24. Check her website for her full solo dates.