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‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni Porowski’s sexually fluid dating life inspires new Netflix rom-com

'Boys & Girls' is loosely based on the romantic adventures of the Fab Five's resident foodie.

By Tim Heap

Queer Eye is barely two years old, but with a sixth season on the way, it feels like the Fab Five have been around forever.

And now, the show’s dreamboat food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, is branching out into the movie world with a new project titled Girls & Boys, based on his own dating experiences as a sexually-fluid man.

Working with Netflix and Black-ish‘s Kenya Barris to develop the story, little has been said about Girls & Boys yet, execpt that it’s due to be written by filmmakers Andrew Rhymer and Jeff Chan – the team behind Hulu rom-com Plus One.

Porowski has previously rejected the label ‘gay’ to describe his sexuality, preferring ‘fluid’ or ‘queer’ if he has to choose.

Having dated more women than men, he spoke about it with GQ last year: “I feel like if I do refer to myself as gay, which would make it easier for people to understand sometimes, I feel like it dishonours women that I’ve been in love with.”

The 35-year-old has been candid about his dating life since the hit show catapulted him to fame, including talking about his relationship with his body image, how his Queer Eye co-hosts have helped him feel more confident in his skin, and his penchant for choking.

He released his debut cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, last year and been a mainstay on red carpets and fashion show front rows. He was named People magazine’s sexiest reality star last year – a title we can definitely get behind.