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Perez Hilton: ‘I would still prefer it if my son were not gay’

The gossip blogger and dad-of-three says life is "still harder" for LGBTQ people.

By Jamie Tabberer

Perez Hilton has said he would “prefer it if my son was not gay” in a new interview.

The out gay gossip blogger is a single dad to three kids: Mario, seven, Mia, five and Mayte, three.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Celebrity Big Brother contestant said: “Given my own experience, I would still prefer it if my son were not gay.

“I would love him and accept him unconditionally, of course.

“But I know that even in this day and age, life is still harder for gay people.”

The star then opened up about coming out to his own mother, saying: “She wasn’t understanding; she wasn’t angry or sad. All she said was, ‘You’re my son and I love you, because I have to love you.’”


Perez is making headlines this week with his new book TMI: My Life In Scandal.

According to Page Six, one extract of the book details a meeting he had with Ariana Grande and her mother in 2011 about managing her.

On them turning him down, Perez writes: “I was really hurt, so for years afterward I was super petty toward Ariana on my website and on social media.

“I regret that.”

In another extract published in The Times, Perez says of his rise to fame: “I had started blogging in 2004, when I was working as a freelance writer for celebrity weeklies such as In Touch and Star. I devoted all my spare time to the blog and used a pseudonym to protect myself.

“I also wanted to create a character who was separate from me as a private individual. The ‘Perez’ in me was the outsider, the Latino guy, the homosexual, the person who stuck out, and the ‘Hilton’ referred to Hollywood.

“I didn’t care about what was or wasn’t appropriate to write. I was a huge fan of pop culture and had always wanted to write about celebrities.”