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Paul Mescal on the All of Us Strangers scene that makes him cry: ‘That bit gets me pretty consistently’

Some spoilers ahead

By Jamie Tabberer

Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers standing in a Tube carriage
Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers (Image: Searchlight Pictures)

Paul Mescal has revealed the scene in his new movie All of Us Strangers that “consistently” makes him teary.

In the film, Paul plays the mysteriously sad Harry, who strikes up an emotional and sexual relationship with his neighbour, Adam (Andrew Scott).

Speaking to British Vogue about the scene he finds the most emotional, Paul pointed to the film’s climax where (spoiler alert), his character dies.

“He’s such a beautiful boy” – Paul Mescal on his character in All of Us Strangers

“We did a Q&A in LA and we were kind of waiting by the side and watched the end of the film, when Harry sees Adam in his flat,” recalled Paul.

“He says, ‘How come no one found me?’ I just think, for a human being to get to that point and have to articulate something as basic as that? It’s such an awful state of affairs. And for the person that says it to be somebody that you associate with joy in the film – Harry is a positive force.”

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers (Image: Searchlight Pictures)

Paul – whose other screen credits include Aftersun and Normal People – furthermore continued: “He’s definitely fighting his own demons, but to see him that vulnerable always gets me. I think he’s such a beautiful boy, and has been deserted by people that he loves on the basis of them not being able to navigate his sexuality, which is such an insane thing to comprehend now. That bit gets me pretty consistently.”

Paul is also starring in Gladiator 2, the sequel to director Ridley Scott’s classic historical drama, Gladiator.

All of Us Strangers, which is in UK cinemas now, currently has a 96% ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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