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Olympic swimmer struggles to keep straight face as Clare Balding praises ‘phenomenal third leg’

Team GB's Tom Dean and Matt Richards stifled grins as they were interviewed by the BBC presenter.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: YouTube

The Tokyo Olympics is providing us no end of good quality TV. For many reasons too! The sport, comradery, the athletes… and even, sometimes, the presenting.

As always the ever-lovely and very complimentary Clare Balding is around to guide us through it all, but one clip has really caught our attention.

While speaking to Team GB swimmers Tom Dean and Matt Richards following their gold medal win in the men’s 4 x 200m freestyle final on Wednesday (28 July), Clare made an unintentional (we think) gaffe that had us in stitches – and almost the athletes, too. 

“Your third leg was just phenomenal”

Congratulating Richards, 18, on his stretch in the men’s relay event (just to add some context) Clare said “Your third leg was just phenomenal” much to the amusement of Richards and Dean, who were barely able to hide their smirks with Richards laughing a little before answering.

He was able to say, “Yeah I mean I haven’t actually had a chance to watch it back yet. I’ve tried to find it. To be honest I’m having some trouble finding the video of the race.”

We’re not sure we would have been as composed! Ever the professional Clare seems to have been unfazed by her use of slang for a penis.

Watch the hilarious moment below:

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