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Nina West’s review of ‘Cats’: ‘I wish they didn’t CGI Jason Derulo’s p*nis out’

Drag Race's reigning Miss Congeniality passes judgement in a game of 'Slay Or Nay'.

By Will Stroude

Nina West has voiced the feelings of a generation with her review of cinema’s most recent howler, Cats – and it’s all down to Jason Derulo (or a lack thereof).

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star and reigning Miss Congeniality gives her opinion on the movie remake of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s classic musical as she sits down with Attitude to play ‘Slay or Nay’, in a new series which sees queens and queer stars pass judgement on random topics.

While British staples like Marmite and dungarees get a resounding ‘Slay’ from Nina, the news isn’t so good for Cats, with Nina giving the film a ‘Nay’ over its removal of Jason Derulo’s most, er, precious asset.

For those not in the know, ‘Trumpets’ singer Derulo, who appeared as Rum Tum Tugger in the film, later admitted that producers had to digitally remove his penis from his furry makeover (yes, the same ‘anaconda’ that was deemed too big for Instagram’s nudity filters to handle).

Asked to ‘Slay or Nay’ Cats, Nina replies: “I mean, the Jason Derulo song was kind of acceptable”, before adding: “I wish they wouldn’t have CGI’d his penis out (total slay).”

We couldn’t have put it better ourself, Nina. Maybe one for the director’s cut?

‘Slay or Nay’ also sees Nina sound off on a range of topics including people who dress up their cats in human clothes (Nay, unless she’s liking it on Instagram), and people who refere to their partner as ‘this one’ (Nay, always).

Nina, who recently became the face of a new Pantene commerical which saw fans wigging out, is just one of a host of Drag Race stars and LGBTQ performers set to pass judgement in ‘Slay or Nay’ in the coming weeks.

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