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Nico Tortorella: ‘The most flack I get for being bisexual comes from other LGBT people’

By Will Stroude

Nico Tortorella has admitted that the most prejudice he experiences for being bisexual comes from other LGBT+ people.

The Younger star, who came out as sexually-fluid last year before later confirming that he identifies as bisexual told US daytime talk show The View that society has “a lot of work to do” when it comes to understanding bisexuality.

During a special segment on gender and sexual fluidity, panellist Joy Behan asks Nico whether he agrees that the stigma attached to being bisexual has decreased in recent years.

“It’s getting better,” he replies, before adding: “We still have a lot of work to do.”

The Scream 4 actor, who was previously involved with social media star Kyle Krieger and is currently in a relationship with fitness instructor Bethany Meyers, went on to explain that it tends to be LGBT+ people who tend to have more of an issue with his sexual identity.

“”I think the most flack I get – and other bisexual friends I have get – is actually from inside of the [LGBT+] community, and not from straight people”, he admitted.

Asked later in the segment whether sexual attraction to both men and woman ever created heightened jealousy in relationships, Nico was quick to shut down the criticism often levelled at bisexual people.

“That’s their own insecurity,” the star replied. “There is jealousy in every single relationship across the board, no matter who you’re in a relationship with.”

Nico took to Instagram after The View aired to say he was “beyond humbled” to be involved in the episode, which also saw other LGBT+ individuals share their personal stories.

“i am beyond humbled. beyond grateful. beyond proud,” he wrote. “this is progress. this is visibility. this is bisexual affirmation. this is pansexual inclusivity.

“this is the queer fluid non-binary future i want to be part of.”

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