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Nick Jonas recalls embarrassing early sexual encounter – watch

The Jonas brother made an appearance on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show

By Fabio Crispim

Nick Jonas has revealed a pretty embarassing detail about an early sexual encounter. 

The 25-year-old actor made an appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show yesterday (January 17) and participated in the show’s ‘Heart Monitor Challenge’. 

During it, host Nick Grimshaw showed the former Jonas Brothers member photos and videos of different people while the monitor tracked his body’s reactions. 

After a short video call from Nick’s brother Joe, the singer was asked to reveal an embarassing story about an early sexual experience. 

“Oh god,” he started. “It was one of my earlier sexual encounters.”

He continued: “She said something about ‘Come to mamma’, and I said, ‘Why is your mother here?'”

“This naive young man,” Nick added. 

Later in the challenge, Jonas was confronted by Selena Gomez in a video message who tasked the singer with sharing a story about a date they had in Central Park when they were younger ruined by paparazzi. 

His heart rate spiked up later on when guest Jack Black made an appearance and mentioned Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke’s name. 

Grimshaw also asked the singer whether he thought he was the “hottest Jonas brother,” but what was his answer? 

Watch the video below to find out: