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Netflix’s new sci-fi series ‘Osmosis’ sees gay man looking for love – Watch

The new sci-fi drama is set to be released on the streaming site on March 29

By Steve Brown

The trailer for Netflix’s new sci-fi series Osmosis sees a gay man looking for love.

Set to be released on the streaming giant on March 29, the series follows hopeful romantics using technology to find their perfect match but troubles begin when the dating app Osmosis accesses the innermost recesses of their minds and hearts.

Acquiring the rights to the French series back in 2017, Netflix said: “In the series, technology has conquered the last frontier decoding true love.

“Digging deep into its users brain data, the new dating app ‘OSMOSIS’ can find a perfect match with 100 per cent accuracy, turning the concept of an absolute soulmate into a reality.

“But is there a price to pay when letting an algorithm decide who you will love?

“When in exchange for this undying, ageless love, technology can access the innermost recesses of your mind — and the best kept secrets of your heart.”

In the trailer, we see the group of romantics signing up for the new dating app and we see one male character looking for love with another man.

Watch the trailer below: