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Milan Christopher is feeling better after nearly suffering a ‘mental breakdown’

The hip-hop star posted cryptic tweets wishing he wasn't gay and was what 'society think is normal'

By Steve Brown

Milan Christopher is much better after nearly having a breakdown.

The hip-hop star took to Twitter to post a series of cryptic tweets where he revealed he wished he wasn’t gay and wanted to be what “society think is normal”.

He then slammed so-called LGBT allies who, he claimed, accept help from LGBT artists but never give them help back.

But now, Christopher – who recently launched his own range of sex toys moulded around his own assets – took to social media again to thank everyone who showed him support.

He wrote: “U know last week I almost had a mental breakdown cuz of all the negative things I read purely based off of my sexuality.

“I had to literally pull myself out of depression & thank God I did. To all of u reading this, find ur power & stand firm in it! The world isn’t tougher then u!”

He also continued to say how pleased he is his latest album BeastMode is doing well with streaming numbers increasing.

Christopher continued: “I’m so glad my Album is doing so well … My streaming numbers are super lit. Everything I do I do it with no gimmicks.

“Other than maybe being sexy. But I really try to be as transparent as possible. An make Universal music. You either like me, love me or you don’t. PERIODT!”