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Milan Christopher creates first ever black, openly gay superhero comic ‘Ragneron’

The comic book is to help LGBTQ youth struggling to come to terms with their sexuality

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Milan Christopher has created a comic book designed to address homosexuality, morality and sexual identity among teenagers and young adults.

Last week, the death of teenager Nigel Shelby, who sadly took his life after being bullied by school peers because of his sexuality, shook the world and many celebrities paid tribute to the young boy.

And now, the openly gay rapper and former star of Love & Hip Hop – and a vocal supporter for equal rights – has created the first ever black, openly gay superhero comic.

Milan – who lost his younger brother to suicide back in 1999 – created Ragneron, whose powers range from super human strength, subatomic manipulations and unlimited perception of matter and atoms.

The idea behind the comic was to help LGBTQ youth who are struggling with depression, identity crisis and suicidal thoughts.