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Luke Evans on prospect of gay James Bond: ‘I don’t think it really matters to the character’

The Welsh actor is among favourites to take over 007.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Attitude

Luke Evans doesn’t think James Bond’s sexuality “really matters” to the character.

The Welsh actor, 43, who identifies as gay, is a common name to pop up in conversations about who will take on the role of 007 now that Daniel Craig has stepped back.

Asked about the rumours he could be a strong contender for the role of Bond and whether audiences are ready for a gay James Bond, Luke says: “I don’t know what the current temperature is with audiences, whether they care enough to worry about what James Bond does in the bedroom.”

He adds to Bustle: “I don’t think it really matters at all to the character if I’m really honest.”

Luke also gives an indication that he’s ready for the role should it come his way after an account of his role in Apple+’s Echo 3 where he plays an American special forces operative.

“I was playing that special services kind of character who you put into any environment and [he] survives,” Luke also says. 

In some of BoyleSports recent odds that saw Bridgerton‘s Jonathan Bailey rise up the list of favoruite, Evans featured on the list. 

The actor, one of a few openly gay actors of his profile in the entertainment industry, was also endorsed for the role by Ben Whishaw, also gay, who played Q in the recent Daniel Craig Bond films. 

Alongside the idea of Jonathan Bailey playing Bond Ben said either actor would be “ideal casting”.

“They’re both wonderful and they’re both wonderful actors,” Ben told Attitude last year. “They’re both actors who it seems would be really capable of doing it and would be ideal casting. And it would be thrilling to see either of them do it.

“I wonder if either of them would want to – because it’s not just the demands of the role, but it’s like the demands of being Bond in the world and what it symbolises and how it would change your life.”

Previously, Luke has said he’d “jump at the chance” to be the next James Bond, adding that it’s “a daunting task for any actor to play the role after Daniel Craig. No one knows what’s happening”

Elsewhere in his Bustle interview Luke discusses playing queer roles. His second queer role after Nine Perfect Strangers is opposite Billy Porter on Our Son, where a divorcing gay couple fight over custody of their child.

Describing Our Son as “so real” the Welsh actor recognises the importance of showing queer relationships in mainstream media. 

“We’ve seen some amazing films that definitely needed to be told — like Milk… Nowadays, there are also all these wonderful TV shows about the younger generations. They don’t have to be so sensational about a historical story about the fight that gay people have had through the decades.

“Of course, there is still room for those stories. There is also room for stories about everyday life.”