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Lil Nas X hopes coming out as gay will ‘open doors’ for others – WATCH

The 'Old Town Road' singer discussed his recent coming out on BBC Breakfast.

By Will Stroude

Lil Nas say he hopes his recent decision to come out publicly as gay will “open doors” for others.

The US rapper and singer, whose country-hip-hop crossover track ‘Old Town Road’ is currently spending a 14th week atop the US Billboard 100 chart, told BBC Breakfast that while he had considered “never” discussing his sexuality publicly, he was already hearing from fans who felt “more comfortable” with their identities because of his announcement.

“It’s something that I was considering never doing ever, just taking it to the grave”, Lil Nas said. “I don’t want to just life my entire life – especially given I just got to where I’m at – not doing what I want to do. I feel I’m opening more doors for people…

Asked what the response from fans had been like, the 20-year-old said: “They [say they] feel more comfortable. Especially within the country and the hip-hop community, it’s not really accepted in either.

Lil Nas, real name Montero Hill, was also asked whether he was expecting any backlash because of his sexuality.

“I’m already getting it!” he replied.

“You know, learning [about] the internet over the last couple of years, I used to be that person being negative. I’m not angry or anything, because I understand that they just want that reaction. I’m just gonna joke back.”