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LGBTQ sci-fi novel The Temperature of Me and You set for Disney+ TV series

The book is already going down a storm after being released last month.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Twitter/@brianzepka and Disney+

The young adult LGBTQ-themed sci-fi novel, The Temperature of Me and You, is being adapted into a TV series and is set to land on Disney+.

Foster Driver and Zoe Kent have taken the project on under their new production company Driver+Kent Media. Writer Alden Derck has been brought on to script the show based on Brian Zepka’s debut novel. 

Zepka, a public health advocate and researcher, published the book with Disney-Hyperion in January and is being considered a hit of the year in the YA category.

“THE TEMPERATURE OF ME AND YOU is set for the screen!”

Reacting to the news on Instagram, Zepka wrote: “Disney+ subscriptions at the ready! What? Yes! THE TEMPERATURE OF ME AND YOU is set for the screen!”

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Disney Books’ synopsis reads: “Sixteen-year-old Dylan Highmark thought his winter was going to be full of boring shifts at the Dairy Queen, until he finds himself in love with a boy who’s literally too hot to handle. Dylan has always wanted a boyfriend, but the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia do not have a lot in the way of options. Then, in walks Jordan, a completely normal (and undeniably cute) boy who also happens to run at a cool 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

“When the boys start spending time together, Dylan begins feeling all kinds of ways, and when he spikes a fever for two weeks and is suddenly coughing flames, he thinks he might be suffering from something more than just a crush. Jordan forces Dylan to keep his symptoms a secret.

“But as the pressure mounts and Dylan becomes distant with his closest friends and family, he pushes Jordan for answers. Jordan’s revelations of why he’s like this, where he came from, and who’s after him leaves Dylan realizing how much first love is truly out of this world.

“But if the attraction between them defies the laws of physics, love may be the only thing that can keep Jordan and Dylan together.”

As per The Hollywood Reporter (THR) the project is at the top of Driver+Kent’s list of projects, which according to a statement given to THR is focusing on “content that speaks to a global audience through the transformative lens of genre, sci-fi, fantasy and character-driven drama.”

It adds, “We believe that all people are equal and deserve to experience content that reflects the world we live in today and the world we want to live in tomorrow.”

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