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Kesha releases brand new video for latest single ‘My Own Dance’ – WATCH

The bisexual singer tells Attitude's December issue how she is reclaiming her own voice

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Kesha has released the video for her latest single ‘My Own Dance’.

The new single – which is set to be on her upcoming new album ‘High Road’ – is described as a track to help people learn how to create an own unique dance through life.

When releasing the single today (November 21), the singer – who also wrote the track – dropped a crazy video to go along side it.

Featuring rooms of partying men in masks, solo cups, bodybuilders, lingerie-clad dancers wearing animal heads and gasmasks, the video will make everyone’s house parties look like incredibly boring.

Check out the single and video below:

‘My Own Dance’ comes after her comeback single ‘Raising Hell’ and while speaking exclusively in Attitude’s December issue – out now to order globally and download to any device – the singer opens up about being trapped inside a tragic narrative.

She says: “Aren’t we all survivors? You can have gone through tragic things, but not be a tragedy.

“’High Road’ and ‘Rainbow’ are the yin and yang of my healing.

“The whole purpose of this record was reclaiming joy and it being OK for me to reclaim [it], having been through all the things I’ve been through, as anyone has gone through hard things in their life.

“You can be happy again, you deserve to be happy again and you don’t need to feel guilty about being happy again.

“At first, I felt really odd about it. ‘Am I allowed to sing about going out, having fun and getting fucked up with my friends?’ The answer is: ‘yes I can’.”

Image: Dana Trippe

Fans of Kesha will see a clear difference between her new album and her earlier work – which would have been produced by Gottwald – and says it’s ‘empowering’ reclaiming her voice.

“I purposely didn’t do the shit-talking ‘rapping’ on ‘Rainbow’ because I had some serious issues to attend to. Now, I want to come back and own my shit,” she says.

“It was so empowering to reclaim a sound that I was very much instrumental in creating in the first place… I was given a bit of a shove by my older brother to make some pop songs and I reluctantly did it.

“It made me realise that I own my sound and I can make these fucking pop songs all by myself.

“This is my voice. Why should I deny myself a part of my art that I want to utilise and explore more?”

Read the full interview with Kesha in the Attitude’s December issue, out now.

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